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Latest News:

We are still going strong - cold, rain, snow nothing stops us! We meet at the Haymoor Squash Club.

Simply turn up - whether you're a beginner or more serious you will enjoy Poole Joggers - Poole's friendliest running club - now an Official London Marathon Partner!.

Poole Joggers is wholly supported Poole Athletic Club

Have Fun!

If you’re “unattached”, new to running, need new training partners or just want to be fitter, then Poole Joggers could be for you. Maybe you’ve been inspired by the London Marathon, want to take part in “Race for Life” or Poole 10K, then Poole Joggers could be for you. If you want to add extra fitness and stamina to help in another sport, then Poole Joggers could be for you. Poole Joggers is a fun, low pressure social club, that caters for men and women of all ages and levels.

Why belong to a club?

Regular exercise takes motivation and after a hard days work, the first thing you want to do is sit down and the last thing is to go out running. Belonging to a group of similar minded people helps to give you that extra “push” to get out and get fit.

Why Poole Joggers?

Poole Joggers is a new running club catering especially for all levels of runners. We organise in to groups of “similar” ability with a coach in each group - and ensure that nobody is left behind. Poole Joggers is wholly supported by Poole Athletic Club, one of the area’s leading running clubs. We aim to run “off road” as much as possible. We will vary our routes to include the Heath, the beach, Upton Country Park, The Purbecks, Pamphill and other venues. Poole Joggers will encourage members to mix afterwards in the “bar”!

How do I join Poole Joggers?

Just turn up on a Thursday at 7pm at the Haymoor Squash Club. Poole Joggers is an informal club, with no formal membership - no joining fees**. We meet every Thursday at 7pm.

Any Questions?

Am I too slow?
No. Poole Joggers aims to cater for all - whether you’re a speed king or not, there is a place for you in Poole Joggers.

How much running will I do?
This depends on your fitness and how much you would like to do, as each group will have slightly different routes. We would say between 3 - 5 miles.

Where do you meet?
Poole Joggers will meet on Thursday evenings at the Haymoor Squash Club. We start at 7pm and aim to finish at 8pm

More questions? Please contact us.

5 Reasons to Join Poole Joggers

Backed by leading athletic Club
Experienced Coaches
All runners accepted*
Unique format
Its FREE**!

Conditions*: Medically fit to run. Min. age 18+

10 Reasons To Run!

Improve your cardiovascular fitness
Get stronger
Lower stress
Helps weight control
Get out the house
Meet new people
Find training partners
Sense of achievement
No experience necessary
Have fun!

How to find us

Haymoor Squash Club
Culliford Crescent - Canford Heath
Poole BH17 9DW

Map for Haymoor Squash Club

Email: info@poolejoggers.co.uk


Poole Joggers is wholly supported
Poole Athletic Club

** There is no charge for Poole Joggers for using the facilities in
the Haymoor Squash Club (e.g. showers, bar)

Poole Joggers is wholly supported Poole Athletic Club

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